ROCA LIVING is a project designed to fullfil the life-work balance for creators, freelancers, techies, models, influencers and everyone who's daily work IS ONLINE.

Are You A Digital Nomad?

We seek digital nomads from around the world to help them settle down in the best place in the world – Portugal.

We believe that everyone should live where his heart tells him, and not sit his life in the office.

That’s why we help people from the overseas move to beautiful  Portugal and enjoy the lifestyle they’ve dreamed of.

It’s the opportunity of life! Don’t miss it! Live the life you want and begin acting NOW!

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What Is Roca Living

Roca Living Project is the part of Cascata de Luxo, LDA that helps remote workers relocate and settle in Portugal by acting as a consultancy and actively involving in the whole process – from the very beginning to the end goal – successfully relocating to Digital Nomad Paradise.  

To achieve this goal, we work with different Municipalities which are willing to attract high-qualified and skilled workers – as the driver of the local economy. We promote Portugal and the opportunity to move here for the modern youth from the technology and internet sectors. And Municipalities help to get easy access to the housing market, working spaces, and resident permits.

What We Do

Relocation Roadmap

We help to move smooth and easy. Without the stress of uncertainty. We guide step by step through the whole process.

Service by Messenger

Reliable and experienced managers are here to help via your favorite messenger with ongoing assistance.

Best Housing Loan Opportunities

We ensure participation in the credit programs, provided by local banks especially for our customers.

Resident Permits

We do everything possible to allow our customers to get the resident permits easily and confidently. Not to mention our help in applying for a special tax regime.

What You Will Get

of like-minded people

Great working spaces in the best area

Best housing deals on the market

Easily get Resident permit with our help

Success Stories

“Working in the office, I have never felt truly happy. But everything changed dramatically when I switched to remote work. The ability to travel around the world and choose where I want to live while keeping my job is amazing. "
Joana Gomes
Marketing specialist
“Remote work has allowed me to get away from my everyday routine and move to a country where I am really happy. I am confident that teleworking can change your life as it did mine. ”
June Bolneo
“I should have decided to move earlier. It has been a year since I moved my business to the countryside and everyone is happy. Even our clients have noticed the change. "
Nuno Silva
Lead developer

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Check your eligibility


Remote worker or self-employed


Can move to Portugal within 6 months


You must be over 18 years old

Legal Status

Eligibility to work in Portugal

Don’t worry if you don’t match all criteria yet. We will soon have news for you.

Remote Work Ready Cascais

We want your moving experience to be as native and enjoyable as possible. Join us and you will receive:

  • Free workplace and Internet connection
  • Help in finding accommodation
  • Welcome community
  • Exclusive perks and events

Are you ready to move?